ECAP Expands Border Campaigns to Protect against Latest Ebola Outbreak

MONROVIA, March 29 2016 --- In response to the recent outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, Mercy Corps expanded its social mobilisation activities in Liberia's border areas so that communities can be better prepared against possible flare-ups of the devastating virus.

In addition to community engagement activities, such as town hall meetings and house visits, the organisation is also partnering with local radio stations in Bong and Nimba Counties that are promoting vigilance measures, including hand washing; safe burials and timely reporting of suspected cases.

The awareness activities are being done through the second phase of the Ebola Community Action Platform (ECAP 2), funded by USAID. 

"From earlier outbreaks we know that effective community awareness is key to stopping Ebola in its tracks," said Catherine Brown, ECAP 2 Program Director at Mercy Corps.

"ECAP partners are working hard to ensure that Liberia can stay better protected and that people are alert to the possible risks of Ebola, and know what to do if someone has symptoms of the virus." 

In Bong and Nimba Counties, ECAP is partnering with local NGOs CHESS Liberia and the Lutheran Development Service (LDS), Radio Jornwah, Radio Saclepea, Radio Life, Radio Kergheamahn and Radio Sehnwai.