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BLOG - Overcoming the Burden of Distance to Improve People's Health

May 15, 2016 --- Gbarpolu County is one of the most newly established counties in Liberia. It is an incredibly diverse county with many cultures and tribes, and has high levels of poverty, a challenging road network – much of it next to impassable in the rainy season - as well as a lack of network connectivity.

Harnessing the Power of Radio in Times of Crisis

Following Liberia’s devastating civil war, two organisations, Mercy Corps and IREX, helped establish and strengthen community radio stations across the country. After the crisis these were flagship projects, aiming to give communities greater voice in development and peacebuilding.

Many of these stations again partnered with the two organizations under the Ebola Community Action Platform (ECAP), funded by USAID, which was Liberia’s largest consortium of organizations working on the Ebola response. 

Building trust through community radio partnerships