Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECAP doing?

Access to quality treatment is critical but we know that this alone will not halt Ebola. Effective community engagement is crucial to stop transmission, protect people from the virus and engage communities in the response. In partnership with global health organization Population Services International, we have trained 930 mobilizers who are in turn rallying networks of designated Public Health Communicators to conduct anti-Ebola campaigns in their communities.

About ECAP

The Ebola Community Action Platform, known as ECAP, is a large social mobilization project, funded by USAID and developed by Mercy Corps. Established in 2014 at the height of the Ebola crisis, it worked through a huge network of over 70 NGOs, who helped spread life-saving information in their communities.

With continued funding from USAID, Mercy Corps will now build on this network to contribute to Ebola recovery and emergency preparedness.

How it works